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NZ Marketing Summit 2017
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Flying High with Programmatic Presentation
Acquire Online's Programmatic director Zane Furtado provides invaluable information on how programmatic can drive greater cost efficiencies and increase campaigns ROI.

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Acquire Online White Papers

Online Sync & Activation:
Drive your online campaign performance through syncing with TV ads, Keyword Sync, and/or Weather Sync? Download Acquire Online's latest white paper now.

Transparency and Walled Gardens:
It’s only fitting in an election year, that a word usually reserved for political debate has become the key talking point in advertising. So how far, exactly are we from ensuring ‘TRANSPARENCY’ in digital media?

Online marketing is a complicated team sport, figure out who your most valuable players are.

Going Native:
With the overflow of content available these days, how do you capture your buyer’s attention?

Programmatic 101:
Programmatic advertising is lifting off in NZ reaching over $8 million in Q2. What is and how does it connect you with your buyers?

The Right Creative:
The right creative matched with the Right target can significantly increase your campaigns ROI.